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"I have been reading through [Bryn's] diary and love it, so many scenarios explained thoroughly.

"Many thanks for getting me back into ASP, at last I feel that I can make a steady income from trading."

ASP Member
"I'm loving Assured Soccer Profits - for me it's the most successful strategy I've used by a long way.

"Thank you for bringing it to us."
ASP Member
"Just wanted to say, Loving ASP, for the first time in 5 years of attempting to trade I feel in control and slowly the bank is starting to go in the right direction.

"It seems to really take any emotion out of trading."
ASP Member


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  • Our comprehensive ASP User Guide explains everything in detail, including step-by-step examples of live trades.
  • The ASP Qualifiers Tool finds suitable games for you with just a couple of clicks whenever you have time to trade.
  • Manage your trades quickly and easily with the ASP Calculator.
  • Use the ASP Simulator to practice trading without risking a penny of your own money.
  • Unlimited support 7 days a week so that you're able to use the ASP system successfully and grow your trading bank.
  • Learn from regular 'Bryn's Diary' trade updates and discussions.